Mkeke iPhone XR Screen Protector Tempered Glass Film Case Friendly HD Crystal Clear Easy Install

Mkeke screen protector with design for people troubled with screen protector use, install process and protect cell phone. Quality and Success is Mkeke life , all of we do aim to improve them and follow the latest mobile phone develop .

Now we have succeed in one of our product

Mkeke iphone xr screen protector

also name

Mkeke iphone 11 screen protector

Iphone xr screen protector can be use for iphone 11

Mkeke Compatible with iPhone XR Screen Protector, iPhone 11 Screen Protector,Tempered Glass Film 3-Pack Clear

Compatible with Face ID

Scratch Resistance

Anti fingerprint

Oleophobic Coating

Enhance Protection

High Performing Impact

It has become the most popular screen protector all over the world ,most of our distributor got their biggest order in screen protector world more than other screen protector sales. It now could be called “best iphone xr screen protector”

apple xr screen protector is our most important design object,we will design more accessories for iphone Xr and iphone 11 in future

Mkeke iphone xr screen protector review

Mkeke screen protector review

Mkeke screen protector reviews

Mkeke has no design iphone xr curved screen protector yet

So customer want to find iphone xr curved screen protector need wait or choose other screen protector, we are not sure when will it be online.

But we have design curved iphone xs screen protector

how to install screen protector on iphone xr

Open the package

Find product as:


3 * Glass Screen Protector

1 * Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

1 * Scratch Card

1 * Cleaning Wipes

1 * Static Cling Dust Sticker

  1. Take off your iPhone xr or iphone 11 out of the phone case.
  2. Pleas Wash your hands and keeping your fingers clean
  3. Please read the install instructions carefully.
  4. Use the Cleaning Wipes clean the screen first.
  5. Then use Microfiber Cleaning Cloth clear and make screen dry
  6. Use Static Cling Dust Sticker all screen make sure no any dust on screen
  7. Make the iPhone horizontally on desk.
  8. Put the screen protector on cell phone.
  9. Press the screen protector from one place near middle.
  10. It will install automatic If find any bubble press it out of screen
  11. Completed

iphone xr case Mkeke brand is keeping design now

You will see more of Mkeke official product in future

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